30 Day Selfcare Challenge - Are You In?

30 Day Selfcare Challenge - Are You In?

Equitas Collaborates with Katie Pinn for a Stress Awareness Initiative

This April, which marks Stress Awareness Month, we are proud to partner with Katie Pinn, of Integrative Sports Coaching to spread the message of her 30-Day Self-Care Challenge. This initiative joins our broader #StressAffectsUsAll campaign and aims to address the stress that is woven into the fabric of our equestrian lifestyles.

Understanding Stress in Equestrianism

Katie Pinn - The Equestrian Psychotherapist emphasises the need for stress management, not just for our well-being but for our horses as well. Our horses can sense our emotional states, and our stress can affect them too, creating an environment that's less than ideal for both parties.

The equestrian lifestyle is demanding. Financial strain, emotional investment, and the physical demands of the sport can contribute to a feeling of being overwhelmed, especially when things don't go as planned. For competitive riders, the infrequent wins can be disheartening. Balancing the needs of our horses, our jobs, and our personal lives is a challenging juggle.

Launching the Self-Care Challenge

The focus of the challenge is simple yet impactful: to engage in one small act of self-care each day. These acts are designed to be manageable yet effective in reducing stress levels. Katie will be sharing therapeutic resources throughout the month, all crafted to guide participants towards a more mindful and less stressed lifestyle.

Equitas and Integrative Sports Coaching invite you to join this journey of self-care. Each day presents an opportunity to invest in activities that foster well-being, encouraging a healthier approach to managing the pressures of equestrian life.

Stay tuned to our platforms for daily updates and resources. Let's support each other in making stress management a priority this month, for the benefit of ourselves and our beloved horses.

Stress Awareness Month - Equitas
Sarah Elebert

Sarah Elebert

Equitas Co-Founder, Irish Event/Dressage rider, HSI Level 2 Coach. Her passion is to empower women & encourage more riders into the sport. She is also Mum to her two daughters, Paige & Bree.
Co.Meath Ireland