5-minute minds: Quick reads on people's perspectives with Maria Blumenthal - Barefoot Trimmer

5-minute minds: Quick reads on people's perspectives with Maria Blumenthal - Barefoot Trimmer

Maria Blumenthal is a barefoot trimmer based in North Cork. She is not only an absolute wealth of knowledge on horses feet but also has an amazing way with horses and has vast information on their nutritional needs and foot problems.

1). In a few words describe yourself and what you do:

I’m a 55 y.o woman, a human chiropractor since 1996 and a barefoot trimmer since 2009.

2). Briefly - How did you get started in the Equine industry?

I got my first horses in 2007 and quickly got frustrated with the hoof care so decided to investigate barefoot.

3). What has been the most rewarding moment of your career in the equine industry so far?

Successfully transitioning my herd to barefoot.

4). And your proudest non-equine achievement?

Achieving my BSc Chiropractic while being a Mum to a toddler.

5). In your opinion what is the biggest challenge being a female in the Equine industry and how did you/how can this be overcome?

A very male dominated environment with old fashioned rules and regulations.  Stand up for yourself and make any uncomfortable situation work-wise known to people around you.

Walk away if it is necessary but don’t walk away quietly

6). How do you balance your passion for equestrian life and other responsibilities?

Easy enough at my age, my time is my own!

7). Have you many horses?  and how do you maintain a positive relationship with them in and out of the field?

I have 4 horses. I delved into natural horsemanship very soon after getting my first horses as I never liked the 'make the horse do things for you without taking the horses point of view into consideration' approach.

Listening, mutual boundaries and allowing the time it takes to sort out any issues. Build a positive connection with your horses.

8). How do you stay motivated and focused in your area of expertise?

I love doing what I do and it’s out of passion I do it. I love helping horses and educating owners.

9). Any advice to young or not so young female equestrians looking to get into the Equine Industry?

Be focused and clear on your path, stick to your beliefs and walk away from any bullying or oppressive situations.

10). If you could change one thing in the Equine industry what would it be?

I don’t know, I really don’t hang out in a lot of traditional equine areas as they don’t align with my philosophies. I try to educate the individual, show them another way in both horsemanship, nutrition, boarding and behaviours.

I walk away from people who ask for advice but don’t follow advice given.

Maria can be found on social media at: Blumenthalhooves


Maria travels regularly throughout the country helping people to transition their horse to barefoot and maintain horses feet. She is very forthcoming in her help and advice with no question being too much. Any time spent in her company will prove to be a school day!

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Emily Fletcher

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