5-minute minds: Quick reads on people's perspectives with Caterina Petroli of 'ASD Touchwood Stables.'

5-minute minds: Quick reads on people's perspectives with Caterina Petroli of 'ASD Touchwood Stables.'
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Caterina Petroli is the owner of the eventing stables 'ASD Touchwood Stables' located in Italy. This is where her daughter Cecilia Magni (European Junior Eventing Medalist no less!!) trains and keeps her horses.

1). In a few words describe yourself and what you do:

Together with my daughter (Cecilia Magni), around ten years ago, we had the idea to produce homebred ponies and horses permitting Cecilia to compete in eventing.

2). Briefly - How did you get started in the Equine industry?

As a child, I had the opportunity to follow my father's Equestrian career, then rode and competed my self. Finally my daughter followed our steps.

3.) What has been the most rewarding moment of your career in the equine industry so far?

Looking at Cecilia competing with our products at three European Championships was surely an honour, especially knowing It wouldn't have been possible to buy horses on the market for that level. But the greatest satisfaction for both of us is waking up every morning with the same enthusiasm of the first day we started.

4). And your proudest non-equine achievement?

Looking at my family and feeling that everything is running as I had always hoped.

5). In your opinion what is the biggest challenge being a female in the Equine industry and how did you/how can this be overcome?

I think the most difficult thing is to balance our emotions and feelings with a concrete reality.

To remain strong without losing our typical feminine intuition.

And to try and remain feminine while losing a bit of our charm and 'weakness'.

6). How do you balance your passion for equestrian life and other responsibilities?

Simply, I don't. After many years trying to balance everything and missing opportunities, I took the decision to completely dedicate life to horses.

7). How do you maintain a positive relationship with your horses in and out of the field?

We have a Dream, but we strictly keep our feet on the ground and thus we try to make the best mix between long-term programming and day to day results. You have to focus on both long and short term to keep positive relationships.

8). How do you stay motivated and focused in your area of expertise?

Looking at what I am and not to others.

I learned that having models is actually really demotivating. We do what we can with what we have, and that' s enough.

9). Any advice to young or not so young female equestrians looking to get into the Equine Industry?

Do It for choice and not for Need.

Working in this industry can be devastating if you start feeling you are not where you really would like to be.

10). If you could change one thing in the Equine industry what would it be?

In my opinion I would try to go back to the basics, working on the fact that horses are most of all an agricultural and sport product before a money machine.     ‌   ‌

Thanks to Caterina for taking time to respond and give us her perspective on the equine world. Her daughter Cecilia Magni can be found at




The yard at


‌Enjoy the photos and videos below of their success!

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