Laura Jackson

Laura Jackson

27 year old international show groom and yard manager living her life travelling Europe. Enjoys writing articles that can make a difference to people including my mental health journey.

Diary of an Inpatient Pt 3

Trigger warning - self harm and suicide references Part 3 of an insight into the mind of a patient in a psychiatric hospital. 22nd November 2020 How’s your relationship with yourself? It’

Centre of an EHV Outbreak

The first show of the year for my team at Goess Showjumping didn’t exactly go according to plan. For the first two weeks our horses were in top form jumping out of

Diary of an Inpatient Pt 2

A listening ear can mean the world to a person who is struggling. Sometimes, if not most of the time we don’t even want advice, we just want to vent and get

Educating Oneself

For me, education was valuable in aiding my recovering during a 7-month admission to hospital. After watching the Grassroots and Hay Campaign livestream, I found myself later in the evening reading entries I

Diary of an Inpatient

Following the livestream with the Grassroots Gazette and Hay Campaign last week I found myself reading some personal entries I wrote while at my absolute lowest inside a psychiatric hospital. This particular article