5-minute minds: Quick reads on people's perspectives with Julia Montagne International Endurance Rider

5-minute minds: Quick reads on people's perspectives with Julia Montagne International Endurance Rider
LG Farasia de Shebab and Julia - Monpazier CEI3* 160km

Julia Montagne is a powerhouse in the world of endurance. She is currently number one in the FEI world rankings and has been sitting in this top spot for over 9 months. Julia has pretty much dominated the 2022 season with a variety of horses which only goes to show the brilliance of her training and team support. Julia regularly competes in the 100km, 120km and 160km CEI3* courses. She is devoted to her horses, all animals and of course the sport.

1). In a few words describe yourself and what you do:

I am Julia Montagne, born in France and living in Spain for 6 years. I compete internationally in Endurance Riding.

2). Briefly - How did you get started in equestrian life?

I have always ridden since I was young, first at home with Shetlands, then jumping with ponies and for 10 years now in endurance. It was love at first sight when I met my first Arabian horse and I started to work with them and endurance in south of France with Philippe Tomas.

3). What has been the most rewarding equine moment of your career so far?

Up to now, my best moment was the (second in a row) victory of our 'diamond' - the 13 year old mare LG Farasia de Shebab in Monpazier; the world championship will take place here [Monpazier] in two years. She gave her heart on the track and finished alone, strong and in perfect condition. It was a team effort, like always in endurance, and this day was really the best we could hope.

4). And your proudest non-equine achievement?

As for my non equine achievement..... I will not lie, I live only for horses, I don’t do nothing [sic] else in my life. But if I have to pick something - I may say to succeed to make all the animals living with us happy.

5). In your opinion, what is the biggest challenge being a female in the Equine industry and how did you/how can this be overcome?

In endurance, I think women are at the top and have great performances, showing their love for the animal before the sport. It is hard work ever day.

6). How do you balance your passion for equestrian life and other responsibilities?

My job is my life so I don’t have other responsibilities, as I don’t have children yet.

7). How do you maintain a positive relationship with your horses in and out of the competition field?

The most important is to have a happy horse. So first of all, he must have a life of a horse: everyday outside in paddocks, holidays with friends in fields etc.

Our training consists in most of the time walking in the countryside and we are lucky, with beautiful landscapes. Our competition is running kms all day with the horse, so you must listen to him at all times and know him by heart.

" I never have the impression of working when we are training."

8). How do you stay motivated and focused during training and competitions?

I am a competitor so I’m am focused on our goals year by year, and, I never have the impression of working when we are training, so my motivation is at the top. The only problem for me is if it is raining!!!! But I am lucky with Cataluña, it is an amazing place to live and train.

9). Any advice to young or 'not so young' female equestrians looking to get into the competition world?

I would advise them to believe in their dreams, work hard to reach them.

YOU can do it.

10). If you could change one thing in the Equine industry what would it be?

For me the important thing is that a horse feels he is a horse. I would like all of them to be able to go outside, with their friends. Time for work but also time to be back a wild horse.

Many thanks to Julia  and fingers crossed for a safe and rewarding 2023.

Julia can be found here on Instagram:


Julia's sponsors are
- Equitime who manufacture & distribute horse equipment (https://www.instagram.com/equitime.equine/?hl=en) and
- Sergio Grasso manufacturer of riding boots (https://www.sergiograsso.it/)


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