A Girl With A Dream; An Unstoppable Woman

A Girl With A Dream;
An Unstoppable Woman

A young girl with a burning love for her horses. A dream to one day make her passion, her career. Sound familiar? Yes, indeed we can all relate to this person as most of us women reading this have been in her shoes. But all too often these young ears fall upon the words.

“A career in horses? That’s no life for a woman!”.

Well, to all the young girls reading this... keep dreaming, because I did. Now, I am a woman, who has made my love for horses into my career. 24 years old, I now run my own veterinary physiotherapy business, alongside lecturing in veterinary physiotherapy. Hopefully, inspiring other young people to follow their love for these amazing animals and make the equine industry not only a better place for our horses, but an environment where women can thrive in their career.

Now, it’s all well and good for me sitting here writing this piece aiming to inspire young women, telling them it can be done, that they can have the career you have always dreamed of. But, in reality nothing is ever that simple. Nothing will ever suddenly fall into your hands. Even writing this article sounds simple but trust me I stared at a blank screen more than I typed. So how do we make what feels like the impossible look simple? Well, the solution is in fact, quite simple; hard work, determination, perseverance and everything in between. (A fair share of blood sweat and tears must be thrown into the mix too!).

I have used the term career rather loosely here on purpose. Because I believe no-one has the right to define what you do for a career, but you. Not all careers are defined by the education you have received, the college course you have studied or the background you have come from. Your career is defined by one thing, and one thing only…you. If you are passionate enough, determined enough and work hard, anything is possible, even the impossible!

However, like anything in life it is not all fun at games. At the risk of sounding pessimistic, we must be realistic. No pathway to success is ever a straight road and it is surely not a one-way system.  Just when you think “Oh, I’ve got this”, you can be sure that next day you may feel that you most definitely do not have this. But learning to ride that roller coaster is part of the fun and will only push us to be the best version of us. Remember, “It’s not how we fall; it’s how we get back up”.

So, if you are reading this with a burning passion to pave the pathway to a career you want, never let anything get in your way!

There will be barriers, there will be hard days and long nights. But when you feel like it is impossible, remember that young girl and her adoring love for her horses. Bottle that feeling and convert it into drive and determination to be an unstoppable woman in the equine industry. Doors may not be there to be opened but create doors and storm through them.

Keep dreaming ladies, we are unstoppable!

Shane McCarthy

Shane McCarthy

Those who are crazy enough to think they can change the world are the ones who do!! I'm the co-founder and ceo of The Grassroots Gazette and Equitas. Be relentless in the pursuit of Excellence.