Queens of Media with Katie Sheehan

Queens of Media with Katie Sheehan

I had the pleasure of recently interviewing Katie Sheehan from Spin South West. Katie is one of my favourite media personalities here in Ireland.

An honest, open and incredibly supportive media personality who is making a real name for herself with her Saturday and Sunday shows. I have to admit I do the sports segment on Spin every Saturday with Katie so I get to see her in action weekly. Her passion and commitment is incredible to see.

Katie shines a light on local news, up-and-coming artists and really loves to give people a platform. She empowers others and to me is the epitome of our Queens of Media Special Feature. So lets kick this off and get to know the one and only Katie Sheehan a little better.

What inspired you to become a media personality?

To build a platform in which I could help people, inspire and create change.

How do you approach your role as a voice for your audience or viewers?

By being completely me, flaws, mistakes and all the rest, to remain humble and relatable to who im speaking to.

How do you prepare for your shows or appearances?

It starts much earlier in the week, sometimes weeks in hand, I look for stories that I feel can help a listener or educate them or inspire; I look for new music, prepare entertainment topics plus record sports, I research all the guests and I prepare a running order plus coming up email, not a lot of people release that a lot goes into a two-hour entertainment show.

Can you share some of the biggest challenges you face as a media personality?

Luckily I have not experienced a lot. I did once get a 5am email from someone stating how horrible I looked and my glasses reminded them of velma from scooby doo, it was a random one for me.

How do you approach discussing controversial or sensitive topics on air?

With no judgement, how I live my life daily, I stay neutral and I am empathic and understanding with sensitive topics.

How do you maintain objectivity and impartiality in your commentary or reporting?

I think it really goes back to how I live which is no judgement and being understanding that people have different views and outlooks on life and that's ok.

Can you share some of the most memorable or impactful moments of your career as a media personality?

The impact would be sharing my story, the people I have helped in the community, and inspired people to heal and change their outlooks of life no matter how hard it gets, working for SPIN “Dream Job” all the cool events and different people I get to meet, and my favourite event of 2022 was most definitely the grass roots ball.  

How do you handle criticism or negative feedback from your audience or viewers?

I let it over my head if it's unnecessary, but I feel if there's something I can improve on or educate myself more on I will take it on board.

How do you envision the future of media personalities and their role in the media landscape?

I would love to see all media personalities pick one thing or topic a day that could help someone that's listening or watching, using their platforms to help and create change.

What advice would you give to aspiring media personalities?

I would say find who you are first and what you want to put out into the world. I would take the internship, work hard, learn everything you can, and be completely you, don't take the setbacks as a forever no, dream big!!! And just go for it.
Shane McCarthy

Shane McCarthy

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