Tangible Limerick is upon us

Tangible Limerick is upon us

I write this with pride as myself, Sarah and Muireann are guest speakers tonight for the Tangible 'Stepping Stones' Limerick event taking place over zoom.

Tangible Ireland is an amazing concept, and the event has been around for a number of years. It brings together change makers and innovators from across a huge range of sectors and industries to chat, to engage and to support. Tangible Ireland was setup by the one and only Raymond Sexton. Raymond is a Thought Leader, an Advocate, a Convenor, a Mediator and a Director of people, communities and businesses. He is a positive force for change.

Today I want to share a little about the Tangible story, the values it holds dear and some of my journey with Tangible and some of the wonderful people involved like John Webb O'Rourke, Donagh McKeown and Patricia O'Donnell.

"Tangible was established in Howth, County Dublin, Ireland in 2001 to provide Support Services to Start-Up Enterprises and Foreign Direct Investment Projects on the island of Ireland. Progessively Tangible has widened its horizons and now works internationally from its base in Dublin City Centre. In January 2009 Tangible in response to growing despondency in the market embarked on a crusade through  the Tangible Leadership Series to inspire Business and Civic Leadership in Ireland and around the world based on its Core Values and Ethos".

For me, it is about the community and the values these people and the leadership team hold dear. Tangible has 3 core Ethos and Values and you'll see now why I am so fond of this event, community and brand.

Collaborative Leadership
A Tangible leader doesn’t take him/herself seriously but certainly takes what they do seriously. We fly in formation with others and have a preference to serve rather than to be served.
Shared Excellence
They say a problem shared is a problem halved. In many ways when it comes to excellence and success we believe that excellence shared is success doubled! In our view if a Tangible leader is to be admired their endeavours must have a positive impact beyond themselves.
‘Pay It Forward!’
We like inspiring, training and supporting business and civic leaders and to deliver meaningful projects. Thus, we prime pumps with our energy and inspiration, with our expertise and where possible with our social, political and financial capital to assist and support embryonic endeavours to be become self -sustaining.

I first went to my first event in Deebert House Kilmallock a few years back. What I loved most was the energy and the passion but also the listening. The people weren't there to just talk about them; they were there to listen and learn from others. I met Brian Reilly for the first time among others that day, I learned so much from our chats. A welcoming and engaging community, one me as a young entrepreneur at the time, thought was very cool and very different.

I loved it, and I was sold. Fascinating stories, really supportive people and active listening not just passive. People that wanted to help, people that have been there to the highest levels and are now giving back and supporting each other and building this wonderful community.

Fast forward a few years, a global pandemic and huge changes to the world we live in, Tangible has gotten bigger and might I say, better. A worldwide series of events take place yearly with a dynamic and engaging community formed and incredible guest speakers participate in each event. I would say that right ;-).

I am looking forward to hearing all the speakers tonight; I am looking forward to the chats before and after as those are usually fascinating too. I genuinely learn so much from the people participating that travelled the world and done business and built teams in every continent.

I asked John Webb O'Rourke the very man that got me first involved, what was his favourite thing about Tangible is? "The Worldwide connection of those with Irish Heritage and Links".

Think that embodies it perfectly. I am buzzing for tonight and I can't wait to share our Equitas Story.

Equitas will always be about lifting others up, pushing forward together and being the voice women across the world want us, need us or push us to be. So I asked my two partners, Sarah and Muireann, how they were feeling for their first real chance at public speaking about Equitas... Livestreams, Podcasts and Videos don't count ;-).

Sarah Elebert: "It's never easy being pushed out of your comfort zone, but that's where you learn. I'm looking forward to hearing some of the talented speakers tonight alongside being proud to speak about Equitas on such public scale. Thank you to Tangible for the opportunity".
Muireann O'Toole Brennan: "Thank you to Tangible for the opportunity to speak about Equitas and our mission. It's an opportunity to push forward and educate ourselves on different aspects of businesses. I'm very much looking forward to it".

This warms my heart, the past and the present meeting and talking about the future. That is Tangible in so many ways. Connecting people, giving opportunities, creating lasting relationships.

I love this message from John welcoming us... Tangible Ireland and it’s worldwide network are delighted to have Equitas present to that network knowing that you are on a worldwide growth and expansion path showing true leadership and Co-operation!!

Folks, this is Tangible. This is what community is. This is Collaborative Leadership, it is Paying it Forward, it is Shared Excellence.

Thank you to John and Dervilla Kelly for the invite. I am buzzing for tonight and I know my partners are too. We can't wait.

Below you'll see the lineup for tonights Tangible's 'Stepping Stones!' taking place on zoom. It will be the first time myself, Sarah and Muireann have has a chance to take the stage and talk about our journey with Equitas. We have titled out presentation Empowering Change, Together. Why Us - Why Now - Why Equitas.

I will do a follow-up piece after this and shine a light on what happens tonight, the energy and some of the key points.

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