10 Things to Remind Yourself of When You’re Having a Bad Horse Day

10 Things to Remind Yourself of When You’re Having a Bad Horse Day

Committing to a life as an equestrian does not come without its challenges. Horses go lame, we get injured, things don’t go as we planned, we may feel cheated out of success or see all that we have worked hard for, change in an instant.

I, for one, have shed many hot stinging tears about my equestrian life, but I have dusted myself off as best I could to pursue a life filled with my passion - horses. They draw me back every time. I am a better person for all that horses have taught me, I accept the tough days & enjoy the good days to the max.

  1. Be gentle with yourself when things go wrong. We all have imperfections, make mistakes, and are not particularly strong in some areas. Everyone makes mistakes & has weaknesses. How we view them & move forward is the most important element. Failure is one of the main ingredients of success.
  2. There is enough success in the world for everyone, you have your own unique talents & skills. You are uniquely you & that is your superpower.
‘A rising tide lifts all boats.’

3. Sometimes when we get frustrated, we are just at the end of our pool of knowledge. Remember, frustration drives change.

4. Press Pause – Not everything needs to be fixed or achieved in this exact moment. Pause, regroup, and continue. Seeking support from those within your inner circle helps strong emotions recede. When we are going through tough times, we are hardwired to seek connection from those close to us.

5. When you pause, breathe. Inhale deeply, hold for as long as is comfortable and exhale for as long as you can. This may sound overly simplistic but when we breathe and go inward, we connect with ourselves and in turn, feel more grounded. When we align with our breath, we align with ourselves.

6. RAIN to the Rescue – I love this strategy from psychologist Tara Brach

R – Recognize the feeling you are experiencing, name it if you can
A – Allow the feeling to just be there. It will pass just like the rain
I – Investigate the feeling with kindness. How does it feel in your body? Where do you feel it most strongly? Can you feel your feet touching the ground?
N – Non-Identification – This emotion is not who you are. The feeling will go away, you don’t have to hold onto it. Emotions pass just like the rain.

7. When we pursue endless perfection, we give rise to feelings of unworthiness.

8. You become a true master of your life when you learn how to master your focus and what you give attention to. Where attention goes, energy flows.

9. You can’t control everything. Sometimes you just need to relax, release and have faith that things will work out as they are supposed to.

10. Finally remember you are wildly capable.

Happy horsing,

Helen xx

Helen O Hanlon

Helen O Hanlon

Helen is a fully qualified life coach, horsemanship instructor and secondary school teacher who lives in County Cork, Ireland.
Co. Cork, Ireland 🇮🇪