Heather Lemmon Kiely

Heather Lemmon Kiely

I'm a Grade 2 Paradressage Rider. My heart horse is Freya, a ConnieX. We've been together since she was a foal. We're navigating disability together and hopefully we can share this journey with you!

Perfectly Imperfect

What is perfectionism? The drive to succeed or the fear of failure.... A lot of women suffer from perfectionism and the pressure, anxiety and depression that it can bring. Society pressures to look

Out of the Proving Grounds

When I started writing this article I had a vision of exactly where I wanted it to go. Then Google happened and completely derailed my ideas. I always like to add quotes to

Unapologetically Female

Living as a woman is complex. There I said it. It’s an identity that comes with a lot of socially ordained ideas, gender expectations, dichotomy and oppression. At birth we’re bombarded with what we're supposed to be, what womanhood should look like.