Heather Lemmon Kiely

Heather Lemmon Kiely

I'm a Grade 2 Paradressage Rider. My heart horse is Freya, a ConnieX. We've been together since she was a foal. We're navigating disability together and hopefully we can share this journey with you!

Perfectly Imperfect

What is perfectionism? The drive to succeed or the fear of failure.... A lot of women suffer from perfectionism and the pressure, anxiety and depression that it can bring. Society pressures to look

Out of the Proving Grounds

When I started writing this article I had a vision of exactly where I wanted it to go. Then Google happened and completely derailed my ideas. I always like to add quotes to

Unapologetically Female

Living as a woman is complex. There I said it. It’s an identity that comes with a lot of socially ordained ideas, gender expectations, dichotomy and oppression. At birth we’re bombarded with what we're supposed to be, what womanhood should look like.

The Power of Words

Language is a beautiful thing. We can communicate, tell stories, explore infinitely, and create movements. Our voices hold power. Humans love stories from the earliest tribal epics to the simplest rhymes. We cannot