Eco Friendly

Eco Friendly

In a world where climate change is such an important and much talked about subject, I think its safe to say the majority of us are doing our bit to help preserve our amazing planet.

Our horses are such a huge part of our lives but have you ever wondered the impact they may have on the environment?

Most Equestrians need to travel to the place their horse resides and most yard set ups require at minimum, electricity and running water.

Have you ever thought about an Eco friendly yard?

The options would vary depending on your individual yard set up but I believe one or two tweaks could be achievable in most cases. Those small tweaks would make a huge impact collectively in helping preserve the planet.
It is also very rewarding being able to fully enjoy your horse in the knowledge that your also doing you bit for the environment. Even a small contribution is an amazing step in the right direction.

Let me take a moment to explain my off grid set up...
There are two sizeable barns with lighting, four stables also with individual lights and approx. 6 acres of land. On site we also have a beautiful log cabin, our holiday home from home.
The cabin is fully equipped with gas cooker, television and hot shower.

Everything on site is run by solar panels with back up generator should needs prevail and we do have running water for emergencies.

Our main water is sourced from rain collected in water barrels placed at several locations around the yard.

These barrels also supply water to the chickens and turkeys as well as the horses.
Our Straw bedding and hay is sourced from two local farmers situated within a 2 mile proximity and our feed supplier is located a few miles down the road.
Not only are we helping the environment but our pockets to as the costs to run the yard is very minimal.

To help reduce water usage - Could a carefully placed barrel collecting rain water be a possibility for you?  
Or perhaps one or two smartly placed solar panels could assist with lighting?

...any small change is a positive change in the right direction.

As well as doing our bit to help the environment in the yard, we also look after our paddocks with great care. We regularly rotate grazing, poo pick daily, harrow at regular intervals and alongside a careful organic fertilising routine, we re-seed if required.
Looking after our paddocks helps not only our horses thrive but also the surrounding wildlife.

In previous years, a well looked after paddock enabled us to have our own hay crop.

I have very fond memories of driving the tractor whilst eight months pregnant with my second son.
So to wrap up... lets all be Eco Queens. Every little step helps in the fight to stop climate change.

Claire Artis

Claire Artis

I am Claire of @claireartishorsemanship On a journey to help and inspire through Alternative Horsemanship whilst nurturing the horse, human relationship.