Claire Artis

Claire Artis

I am Claire of @claireartishorsemanship On a journey to help and inspire through Alternative Horsemanship whilst nurturing the horse, human relationship.

Eco Friendly

In a world where climate change is such an important and much talked about subject, I think its safe to say the majority of us are doing our bit to help preserve our

An Interview with Lynn Acton

Lynn Acton lives in New York and is author of What Horses Really Want. A wealth of knowledge in the horse industry along with degrees in sociology and systems science under her belt.

Think Outside The Box

Everyone, from time to time experience those feelings of loneliness and isolation. Thankfully for most these moments do not last long, but what if like me, they last longer than you would like?

The Power of Positivity

Having recently taken part in the Equitas Challenge 2022 it was a fantastic opportunity too really think about how I felt regarding certain topics within the equine world. One of the challenges was