Think Outside The Box

Think Outside The Box

Everyone, from time to time experience those feelings of loneliness and isolation. Thankfully for most these moments do not last long, but what if like me, they last longer than you would like?

That niggling feeling you just can’t shake. Those amazing moments or incredible achievements you have, but have no one to tell or perhaps, those you feel you could tell, but wouldn't understand.

This may surprise a few but I’m talking about an Alternative way to Horsemanship. When I chose to leave my traditional training path behind me and embark upon a new way of learning and training horses, I wasn't prepared for the skepticism and negativity from others I was greeted with. Not to mention the feeling of not being taken seriously.

It’s like being in a room full of people talking - you shout but no one hears you.

I am in no way saying one method is better than another - there are many ways to get things done. Having said that though, through the knowledge and experience I have gained, I feel I understand horses on a deeper level and because of this, there are many disciplines within the horse world I find myself no longer able to watch.

These disciplines make up the vast majority of the horse world which brings me back to the feeling of isolation.

Somewhere along the way, there has to be a common ground - a meeting of two minds if you will. One where people who choose a different path, are encouraged to shine, perhaps even educate? without the fear of judgement.

This also leads me to my next observation - the horse world is primarily built on ego.

My personal opinion is that for one to achieve greatness within themselves or something they are trying to create, there is no place for ego. For example, there is not a single person on this planet that knows everything that is the horse.

When we are blinded by ego it inhibits our ability to be the best version of ourselves.

I bring this point up because I appreciate the alternative horsemanship world isn’t for everyone. Yet, rather than ask questions, people prefer to use negativity to shield their own inadequacy or are just ignorant to the cause. This helps no human being.

You may also wonder why write about this subject here?

Equitas is creating an incredibly supportive and empowering community of women. Women who have been given a platform. Women who are encouraged to speak. And the reason I chose to shed light on this important topic, is because every single negative comment or diminishing feeling about alternative horsemanship, has come from a woman.

My journey so far has taught me that just because something has always been done a certain way, it doesn’t mean its the correct way. As women, we owe each other and ourselves to be better.

I know there are people reading this who can relate and have experienced similar and I will always spread the word that its okay to be different. We all deserve our time to shine in whichever path we choose.

So next time you talking about that amazing show jumper you just watched or the incredible movements of a dressage horse, think a little outside the box. There maybe someone in the room just like me.


Claire Artis

Claire Artis

I am Claire of @claireartishorsemanship On a journey to help and inspire through Alternative Horsemanship whilst nurturing the horse, human relationship.