Perfectly - Imperfect #winterwithequitas

Perfectly - Imperfect #winterwithequitas
Photo by Annie Spratt / Unsplash

As winter intensifies with cold and rain, equestrians worldwide face unique challenges in caring for their horses. The season requires a delicate balance between our affection for our equine friends and the harsh elements. Despite the difficulties, the strong connection between rider and horse in the equestrian community is extremly evident, and these winter months lay the groundwork for future successes in the summer.

The often repeated adage, "When life gives you lemons, make lemonade," resonates deeply with me. However, what about those times when life hands you lemons that appear glorious on the outside but, metaphorically speaking, taste more like a pig's excrement?

In these moments, the essence of the equestrian spirit is tested, and it is our shared determination that transforms bitter lemons into stepping stones toward greatness.

Reflecting on the past year, I can't help but acknowledge the rollercoaster of emotions that sometimes define my life in the equestrian world. From the euphoric highs of successful competitions to the heart-wrenching lows that accompany the winter struggles of horse care, each experience contributes to the shaping of individuals and the forging of an ever-growing community.

It is in embracing imperfection that our equestrian journey gains depth and meaning.

In the heart of winter, when the fields are muddy, the rugs are wet and we can’t feel our fingers - this is when we need to remember to always strive for success - whatever that may look like for us. 

Amid these struggles, I know most of the equestrian community eagerly anticipates the revival of the "Hay How Are You!?" Campaign in January. In a world that often moves at a gallop, the simple act of asking someone how they are and stopping to listen can be transformative in people's lives.

This campaign serves as a poignant reminder that, much like our horses, we all require a bit of extra care and attention, particularly during the winter months.

Keep a close eye on social media over the coming weeks to keep in touch with the movement. 

So, what transpires when life is perfectly imperfect?

As we navigate the intricacies of winter, we do so with the understanding that these challenges are the very building blocks of success in the warmer months that lie ahead.

The days stretch on and we find ourselves grappling not only with the physical challenges of caring for their horses in the cold but also with the mental and emotional fortitude required to navigate life's imperfect moments. Winter becomes a metaphorical and literal testing ground, where the bond between rider and horse is solidified through shared struggles.

We take out our winter coats, pull on our riding gloves, base layers, extra socks, waterproof jackets, and thermals and face it head-on!

We can not only embrace it but also draw strength from it. We recognise the hurdles, derive lessons from the setbacks, and do our best to utilise them as the fuel that propels our determination for a brighter future.

The equestrian spirit is nothing if not resilient.

As we stand on the cusp of a new year, let us carry the lessons of the past into a future filled with promise. Whether you're a seasoned rider who has weathered many winters or a novice embarking on your first, remember that imperfections are not roadblocks but rather the scenic detours that make the journey all the more worthwhile. Here's to 2024, filled with the strength to endure, the courage to grow, and the unwavering spirit that defines the Equitas community.

So, saddle up, embrace the imperfections, and ride into the future with confidence and grace. May our collective journey be marked not only by the strides we take but by the indomitable spirit that propels us forward. 

Here is to being perfectly imperfect - always. 

Muireann O Toole Brennan

Muireann O Toole Brennan

Head of Media and co founder at Equitas. I currently have four horses and compete three. 2024 is going to be a big season!
Carlow, Ireland