Mental Health

Diary of an Inpatient Pt 3

Trigger warning - self harm and suicide references Part 3 of an insight into the mind of a patient in a psychiatric hospital. 22nd November 2020 How’s your relationship with yourself? It’

Medication and Mental Health

*I'm going to begin this article with a content note and a trigger warning.* This article contains information about, and mentions, depression, anxiety, thoughts on self harm and suicide. If you do not

Diary of an Inpatient Pt 2

A listening ear can mean the world to a person who is struggling. Sometimes, if not most of the time we don’t even want advice, we just want to vent and get

The Benefits Of CBD For Mental Health

By Nick Osipczak - Founder of the RAISED SPIRIT Organic Hemp Lifestyle brand. Mental health is a hot topic at the moment, and it’s worth considering, why? Why are so many people