Mental Health

"Stress Affects Us All"

Tomorrow, April 1st, Equitas Launches "Stress Awareness Month" in partnership with The HAY Campaign and The Grassroots Gazette to help to address the impact of stress in the equine Industry.    The Tagline for

The Power of Horses

Horses, as we all know can have such a positive effect on our lives. They make us laugh, they make us smile, they are there for us when times are difficult and will

Diary of an Inpatient Pt 3

Trigger warning - self harm and suicide references Part 3 of an insight into the mind of a patient in a psychiatric hospital. 22nd November 2020 How’s your relationship with yourself? It’

Medication and Mental Health

*I'm going to begin this article with a content note and a trigger warning.* This article contains information about, and mentions, depression, anxiety, thoughts on self harm and suicide. If you do not