Lorraine McElroy

Lorraine McElroy

Know Your Worth

For years I've heard the saying, " You can't beat experience," and "Knowledge is power"... which from my point of view, are both very true. As kids, we dream of what we want to

Superwomen or Conditioned to Keep Going?

"Come on, hurry up! we haven't got all day," my mam shouted up the stairs for the third time, she is always on the go. I never saw her resting or having time

Real fear, Or neurological change ? Find out.

Women all around the world ask themselves this question.  Is this fear real or irrational... what actually happens to us when we give birth. Well, I can tell you studies have been done

Periods and horses 😖

Periods! white jods? Are you having a laugh??!! Unfortunately no! There is nothing funny about this taboo subject... the "time of the month". But seriously who in their right mind thought "Yes, we