Self Confidence


Over the years I’ve always had this nagging sense of intimidation and not just in the horse world, in the real world too. I think this goes back to childhood - having

Who do you Turn to???

Having owned horses for a long time I have always been such an independent person, not that I have ever wanted to, but I have chosen to. All throughout my childhood I always

Unapologetically Female

Living as a woman is complex. There I said it. It’s an identity that comes with a lot of socially ordained ideas, gender expectations, dichotomy and oppression. At birth we’re bombarded with what we're supposed to be, what womanhood should look like.

Sweet itch, alopecia and me

Equitas is my tribe and my confidence builders - they have created a space to encourage everyone to blossom and grow. I have been lucky to be surrounded by amazing people in my life but Equitas has brought out a side to me I never knew existed - I can’t wait to see what the future holds.