Why I'm Supporting the "HAY - HowAreYa" Campaign

Why I'm Supporting the "HAY - HowAreYa" Campaign

In 2022 I started writing for the new online publication Equitas whose stated aim is “Equitas is a Digital Media Brand celebrating the role and importance of women across the equine community. Equitas aims to showcase the incredible value women add as the backbone of the whole equine industry!!”

This is an important and exciting project to be involved in. The team are based in Ireland which is a country close to my heart. My husband is Irish and in over 30 years of visiting our closest neighbour, I have always felt welcomed and at home in the country.

Coincidentally the majority of my non-UK based clients come from Ireland so that’s another reason to be involved as there is obviously a market there for confidence and mindset coaching for equestrians.

Of course Equitas, being an online publication and project, has a reach far wider than the island of Ireland and I believe that their reach, and message, is growing worldwide.

Through my involvement writing for Equitas I have been given the opportunity to join a couple of podcasts and feel part of a growing community of inspirational women and men.

As an off shoot to their main focus Equitas and it’s sister publication The Grassroots Gazette have set up the amazing “HAY CAMPAIGN” HAY standing for “HOW ARE YA”.

In their own words

“HAY = How Are Ya
A campaign designed to inspire a change in mindset in the equine and Ag. Industries in Ireland on opening up about mental health”

Whilst the campaign is based in Ireland its reach, once again, is spreading far beyond the island which is very exciting.

The reason that I feel passionate about this campaign is that I see, first hand, the effect that having challenges and difficulties associated with feeling comfortable and being confident when riding horses has on my clients.

When things are going well, or as hoped, riding horses is great for the mental health of those participating in equestrian sport. It is downtime from other responsibilities, it’s fresh air and exercise, it brings friendship and social interaction, it’s a fantastic workout with all sorts of physical benefits and it can be exciting and motivating on many different levels.

In contrast when things don’t go to plan the weight of distress can be enormous. Riders who are no longer enjoying their sport and the time they spend with their horses are often under huge pressure of knowing what they can do to help themselves, who to approach and how to sort things out. Their “happy place’ becomes a place of heightened stress, worry and this stress often spills over into other areas of their lives as well.

So campaigns like The Hay Campaign which raise awareness of mental health challenges within our sport are to be welcomed and supported. The message is simple – this week (but not only this week) why not contact a few people and ask them “HAY – HOWAREYA?” and then take time to truly listen to their reply.

Together we can make a difference within the world of equestrianism.

Jane Brindley

Jane Brindley

Equestrian confidence and mindset coach using hypnotherapy, psychotherapy and performance coaching. Works with riders off horse in person and online. Based in Scotland and connected Worldwide.