Rachel MacKenzie

Rachel MacKenzie

I am Scottish, an equestrian, and a German Shephered owner. Wife to Dave, and Mum to Jess. I juggle working full time, being a Mum and having my 2 horses, Dougal and Gem.

An open letter to Grief

Dear Grief, It has been 2 years today since my friend passed away, the 7th of April 2021. Every year I feel guilty, I want to talk about her; I want to tell

I wear odd socks

I just really wish I had stopped caring about some things sooner. I think a lot of us struggle with self-confidence, self image etc and it can be something that takes a lot of space up in our head, all I can say is I feel a lot better now it takes up a little less space.

Do You Like Everyone?

Saying you don’t like someone and admitting it, can be quite a negative feeling. I can’t say I like every single person out there. I also don’t think we are